Digital Stepper Motor Driver Stepper Motor 2-phase ( DM556, 1.0-5.6A, DC20V-50V)

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The DM556 is a versatility fully digital stepping drive based on a DSP with an advanced control algorithm. The DM556 is the next generation of digital stepping motor controls. It brings a unique level of system smoothness, providing optimum torque, and nulls mid-range instability. Motor self-test and parameter auto-setup technology offer optimum responses with different motors and easy-to-use.

The advantage of using the DM556 Stepper Motor Driver is to control the speed and position of the stepper motor. These kinds of drivers can be used for a small range of stepper motors. Using these kinds of drivers one can minimize the code and connections. In this driver, a new feature has been added where we can set the current Mode.SW4 is used for this purpose. OFF meaning that the standstill current is set to be half of the selected dynamic current, and ON meaning that the standstill current is set to be the same as the selected dynamic

The driven motors can run with much smaller noise, lower heating, smoother movement than
most of the drives in the markets. Its unique features make the DM556 an ideal solution for applications that require low-speed smoothness.


• Anti-Resonance provides optimum torque and nulls mid-range
• Motor self-test and parameter auto-setup technology offers optimum
responses with different motors
• Multi-Stepping allows a low-resolution step input to produce a higher
micro-step output for smooth system performance
• Microstep resolutions programmable, from full-step to 102,400
• Supply voltage up to +50 VDC
• Output current programmable, from 0.5A to 5.6A via DIP switches
• Pulse input frequency up to 200 kHz
• TTL compatible and optically isolated input
• Automatic idle-current reduction
• Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase motors
• Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes
• Over-voltage, over-current, phase-error protections


  • Laser cutters,
    Laser markers,
  • High precision X-Y tables,
  • Labeling machines, etc.

Package includes:

1 x DM556 Stepper Motor Driver Controller

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