4-20mA Signal Generator with LCD Digital Current Display

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4-20mA signals are popular and have multiple uses. But testing and generating them from microcontrollers/PLC is difficult and required complex circuits. This module can be used to generate a 4-20mA current signal. It comes with a knob to vary the signal and a display to view the current signal value. Usefull for simulating sensor signals, testing 4-20ma circuits, calibrating microcontroller/PLC ADCs, etc. 

This 4-20mA signal generator is a precision adjustable panel-mounted 4-20mA current loop simulator or signal generator with an LCD display.

Its output range is switchable between default 4-20mA and max. The LCD screen has a backlight for different light conditions. Its current signal display modes and adjusting steps can be set through the knob. This low-cost 4-20mA loop simulator also can output curves preset dynamically. It is ideal to use in meter, sensor signal testing, PLC, DCS and other instruments signal debugging, etc.


  •  LCD (with backlight);
  • 9 programmable output (can simulate the actual environment of dynamic testing, each section can be set up t running time /A current /b current).
  • Digital rotary encoder adjustment (the use of potentiometer, easily affected by temperature and humidity, the resistance value will change)
  • Can be connected to the positive and negative (two-wire system, no matter how wiring, can work, will not burn meter).
  • High precision, good linearity (display accuracy of "0.05" of the decimal point, the actual output accuracy of + 0.5%) (two).
  •  Imported chips, ultra-low power consumption, no heat, more stable output.

 Package Includes:

1 x 4-20mA LCD Digital Signal Generator 


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