40 pin 8051 Evaluation Board

40 pin 8051 Evaluation Board

40 pin 8051 Evaluation Board

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A general purpose 40 pin 8051 evaluation board with just the bare essentials required for using a 8051 microcontroller - port extentions, crystal circuit, reset switch, power status and a general purpose LED. This board is perfect for building rapid prototypes and projects. The board provides port extensions for all ports and also provides an empty hole for each IO, where wires and connectors can be soldered directly for further expansion.
The board features a DC Jack for power input and can be directly powered from our 5V SMPS Power Supply.


  • The board is built on a high quality FR-4(1.6 mm) board with a green solder mask and a clear and legible white legend. All I/O pins are labelled with their names along with any dual feature they support. This greatly simplifies prototyping
  • Input Voltage: 2.7 – 5.5V (depending on the microcontroller used)
  • Power Status LED(Green) along with a general purpose LED connected to P1.0
  • Onboard reset switch
  • Onboard quartz crystal 11.0592 Mhz oscillator circuit
  • Port extensions for all ports
  • External pull-up resistors for Port 0
  • 5V and Gnd bus provided
  • Compatible with Atmel’s AT89C51/52, AT89S51/52, Phillips' P89V51RD2 and other compatible 40 pin 8051 devices
  • The package includes a product manual

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  • P89V51RD2 - a 40 pin 8051 microcontroller. Can be used with this board. The P89V51RD2 is recommended over the AT89S52 because programs can be directly uploaded through a serial connection to a computer. All codes written for the AT89S52 are compatible with the P89V51RD2

    Power Supply
  • 5V Wall Adapter - an adapter to power the board from oa 230V mains supply

  • 5V Voltage Regulator Board - a regulator board to power the board from 7 - 20 V AC or DC supply voltage. You may use a transformer to step down an AC voltage, apply it to the regulator board and power this board

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  • Jumper Wires - for connecting the board to our sensors, motor drivers, breadboards, etc

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