40 pin AVR Basic Development Board

40 pin AVR Basic Development Board

40 pin AVR Basic Development Board

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A general purpose 40 pin AVR development board with on board power supply circuit, RS232 port for serial interface with computer and other serial devices, reset switch, power status LED, a 6 pin ISP header and a general purpose LED and Switch.

The board is compatible with the Atmega16, Atmega32 and other compatible 40 pin AVR microcontrollers. This board is perfect if you are just starting out with AVR programming and also if you want a tried and tested board for building advanced projects based on it.

You can use our AVR USB Programmer for programing this board.


  • The board is built upon high quality FR-4(1.5 mm) with a green solder mask and a clear and legible white legend.
  • Onboard MAX232 interface circuit for easy communication with a computer and other serial devices(GPS modules, GSM Modems, etc).
  • DC plug-in jack for power input.
  • Onboard bridge rectifier enables the board to accept both AC and DC input voltages.
  • Onboard 5V regulator(LM7805) with filtering capacitors and heatsink.
  • Power Status LED(Green) and a general purpose LED(Red) connected to PB0.
  • The AVCC pin is connected to 5V through a 100 uH inductor for accurate ADC conversions.
  • 16 MHz Quartz crystal oscillator circuit.
  • Port extensions for all ports.
  • Vin, 5V and Gnd bus provided.
  • The board has 4 holes of 3mm diameter for easy mounting.
  • The package includes a CD and product manual.
  • The included CD contains the board circuit, sample codes, demo projects and tutorials to get started.
  • This product comes with a warranty and guaranteed aftersales support (subjected to conditions).

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