4mm Banana Socket Jack for Banana Plug Terminal Connector - Grey

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4mm Banana Socket Jack for Banana Plug Terminal Connector is a 4mm banana plug spade connector. The connector is a nickel-plated aluminum alloy core with a hard plastic shell for insulation. This makes it durable and has stable performance.
The wire can be soldered directly on to the connector. This connector is suitable for spade terminals, banana plugs or bare wires; which is easier to install and use.


It is ideal for speaker enclosures, amplifiers, etc.


With aluminum alloy core, nickel-plated, and a solid hard plastic shell, the binding post is durable and reliable, have a stable performance.
Suitable for 4mm banana plugs, spade terminals or a bare wire, easy to install and use.
Ideal for speaker enclosure applications and amplifier, perfect for connecting center speakers to AV receivers.


Material                 : ABS
V/A rating              : 10A , 250V AC
Resistance             : 10M Ohm Max
Diameter               : 4mm
Terminal Material    : Copper alloy, Tin plating.
Colour                    : Grey

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