5000W AC 220V High-Power Electronic SCR Voltage Regulator Module

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The 5000W AC 220V High-Power Electronic Regulator SCR Voltage Regulator Module can be connected to a lamp or home appliance or electric circuit, then through the keys Adjust the speed, brightness, voltage, temperature.


  • The product can easily adjust the output voltage, between 0 and 220 volts, for the use of electrical equipment with different voltage requirements.
  • Thyristor is mainly used for resistive load (electric filament incandescent lamp, etc.
  • The product is suitable for controlling different electrical equipment, such as electric lamps, fans, motors, etc.
  • The ultimate resistance load power of the product is 5000 W.
  • The product adopts aluminum casing, which has good heat dissipation effect and can effectively extend the service life of the product.

Max power: 5000W (Resistive instantaneous load ultimate power.)
Adjust the voltage: AC 0-220V (from high to low can go to 0, from low to high is about 20V)
Efficiency: 90% or more
Working voltage: AC 220V
Dimensions: Length 85*Width 70* Height 40mm, without protruding knobs and connectors
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