Assorted 3D Printer Filament 22 Colours 1.75mm ABS Material

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This is an assorted pack of 22 different colours of ABS 3D Printing Filament of 1.75mm Diameter. We have selected the most popular 3D Printing Material in standard 1.75mm size. The pack contains 10 meters of filament of each commonly used colours. Use it to print custom objects in your favourite colour without investing for full rolls of different colours.

NOTE: The product pictures show various colours for representation only. When you order this product you will receive 22 different color filaments of 10m length. The filament colours you receive may not be the same as shown in the photo as this changes with stock. If you are looking for any particular color, please contact us and confirm in advance before ordering.


  • Pack includes 22 filaments of commonly used colours
  • Length of each filament is 10m
  • Material of the filament used in ABS 1.75mm

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