300 RPM Double Shaft Straight BO Motor

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The BO 300 RPM Double Shaft Straight is a powerful battery operated DC motor with gearbox can be used for various low voltage and high torque Kinetic IoT projects, Robotics projects and competitions. This motor can be used with our Robot Wheel for BO Motor 65mm diameter. This motor can run at approximately 200rpm when driven by a Dual Li-Ion cell battery at 6 V and approximately at 300 rpm when driven by a 9V Li-Ion cell. Out of its two shafts one shaft can be connected to wheel, other can be connected to the position encoder. It comes with an operating voltage of 3-12V and is perfect for building small and medium robots.

Specification :

  • Working Voltage 3-12V
  • No Load Speed: 300rpm +/- 10rpm
  • No Load Current: 125mA (max.170mA)
  • Torque: 400gf.cm min 40gm weight
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