Cable Gland PG42 for Enclosure Wires Plastic

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We use enclosures to house our projects/products and protect them from dust, water and physical damage. When we have cables and wires going in the enclosures, we use cable glands to protect the cable joints and weather proof our delicate electronics.

When we have cables running in/out of enclosures, we use cable glands to make a tight seal around them, form-fit the cables and protect our electronics inside the enclosure.Cable glands also relieve the stress from the cable when it is constantly moved and to prevent it from wearing out or getting damaged at the joint. Thus increasing the life and reliability of the cable.

They also provide a clean and nice look to the product enclosure and allow for easy maintenance and servicing. 

We have multiple cable glands that accept cables of different diameters. Make sure you choose the right size cable gland which offers tight fit for your cable diameter.

This is a large cable gland suitable for large cable diameters like - high current motor cables, high power cables, sensor cables, programming cables, low power input/outputs, etc

Specification :

Model  :           PG42
Suitable for Cable Diameter  :      28 - 38 mm
Drill Hole Diameter  :        54 mm




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