CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART Serial converter Module

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This is the CP21202 Breakout Board. This is a great little tool for embedded systems that require a serial connection to a computer. The board can simply attach to a USB bus and will appear as a standard COM port.

Thes CP2102 doesn’t require any external oscillator, it has an on-board voltage regulator, and it even uses a reprogrammable internal EEPROM for the device description. The full hardware UART has flow control for baud rates from 300bps to 921600bps. This breakout also allows you to connect the TX/RX pins of your favorite microcontroller or serial application to the RX/TX pins of the breakout, creating a simple serial cable replacement.


Stable and reliable chipset CP2102.
USB specification 2.0 compliant with full-speed 12 Mbps.
Standard USB type A male and TTL 5 pin connector.
5 pins for 3.3V, RST, TXD, RXD, GND & 5V.
Baud rates: 300 bps to 1.5 Mbps
Byte receive buffer; 640 byte transmit buffer.
Hardware or X-On/X-Off handshaking supported.
Event character support Line break transmission.
USB suspend states supported via SUSPEND pins.
Temperature Range: -40 to +85.
Size: 42 mm X 15 mm.
Weight: 4g


TX = Connect to Transmit Pin(TXD) of Micro controller. This pin is RX pin of CP2102 on board.
RX = Connect to Receive Pin(RXD) of Micro controller. This pin is TX pin of CP2102 on board.
GND = Should be common to microcontroller ground.
3V3 = Optional output to power external circuit upto 50mA.
5V = Optional output to power external circuit upto 100mA

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