Current Sensor AC/DC Module with Analog Output ACS712 ( 5A )

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A simple to use Hall Effect Current Sensor with Analog Output. It uses the ACS712 IC. It can be used to measure accurate AC and DC currents. The sensor requires 5V for operation and outputs an analog voltage which varies linearly with the sensed current. It can measure a maximum of 5A of current. It can be used to measure the current consumed by 240V AC Appliances!

To use the sensor, provide 5V at the pin marked Vcc, and Ground to pin Gnd. Use the screw terminal connectors to connect the wire in which current is to be sensed. The analog output corresponding to the current flowing in the wire will be outputed in the Vout pin.


  • Can measure AC/DC current upto 5A
  • Uses the popular ACS712 IC
  • Easy to read analog output corresponding to the sensed current
  • Requires 5.0 VDC for operation
  • 185 mV/A output sensitivity

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