Door Lock Sensor Magnet Proximity Reed Switch with NO NC Output

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This is a simple to use magnetic door lock sensor. Consists of a Magnet and a Magnetic Sensor. The sensor has a simple switch within it which gets activated in the presence of a magnet. To use the sensor as a door/window lock sensor, mount the magnet on the door/window and the magnet sensor on the door/window frame. When they are separated, the magnet sensor detects that the door/window is opened. This sensor can be used with other commonly available magnets also.

This door lock sensor has 3 outputs and offer both normally open and normally closed operations. It has one common Output and one normally open and one normally closed output.

This sensor is perfect for use in general magnet sensing applications, door lock sensor, drawer lock sensors, Window Lock Sensors, encoders, etc. It comes with mounting tabs and holes for mounting it to a flat surface. The sensor also comes with double sided tapes to stick the sensor onto a flat surface.


Sensing Distance: 15-25mm Approx
Material: ABS
Power Supply: DC 100V/ 0.3A
Color: White
Dimension: 55x12x11mm/ 2.17x0.47x0.43in
Quantity: 1 Set With 4 screws

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