Dual Extruder 2 in 1 out Chimera Cyclops Full Metal Kit

Dual Extruder 2 in 1 out Chimera Cyclops Full Metal Kit

Dual Extruder 2 in 1 out Chimera Cyclops Full Metal Kit

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This is a Dual Extruder which supports both types of printing - 2 in 2 out and 2in 1 out! It comes with two replaceable nozzle heads which can be used as 2in 2 out and 2in 1 out as required. Just unscrew one nozzle head and screw in the one required! This complete kit includes the hotenend extuder, nozzle, fan, temperature sensor, etc. Dual extruders are great for printing with different filament materials and colors. The nozzles can be adjusted induvidually to the required height from the. These E3D 3D printer Hot Ends are regarded as one of the best metal hot ends for 3D Printers. They are suitable for printing the widest range of print materials with excellent print results, allowing for soft flexible materials and higher temperature filaments such as polycarbonate and Nylons. They offer comparatively better print quality compared to other hotends.

The Hotend comes in two types - Direct Drive and Bowden Drive. This is the Bowden Drive model. On a bowden drive, the bulky extruder is not mounted on the hotend. This results in a slightly complex construction, usage and maintenance. But Bowden Drive Extruders offer best print quality. Chose Direct drive for easy assembly and maintenance and Bowden Drive for best print quality.

These well crafted hot ends are renowned for their print quality, minimal blockading, fast response and efficient thermal properties, eliminating hot ends meltdown failures. This hot ends with the supplied thermistor can reach 300 degrees C (can reach 400 degree C with however may require additional electronics) and will heat from 20C to 200C in 65 seconds and the temperature control responsiveness will keep the HotEnd within 0.5 degrees C.

We also offer a large range of nozzle sizes to suit your 3D Printing needs. 0.4mm is standard and comes with this hotend.


  • You can choose one of the two nozzle head as required - 2in 2out and 2in 1 out.
  • Hotend size: 70 mm
  • Material: All parts are in metal
  • Weight: 80 gms (approx)
  • Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
  • Filament size: 1.75 mm
  • Filament Support: PLA,ABS,PC,PVA,WOOD,HIPS,NYLON, Flexible, Carbon Fiber
  • 12V 40W cartridge Heater
  • 100K ohm NTC thermistor
  • Stainless steel heat sink
  • 30 * 30 mm fan with fan holder
  • Has a low chance of blockage compared to other hotends
  • Easy to use
  • Complete J-head hotend assembly
Package Include
  • 1 x Dual Extruder 2 in 1 out Chimera Cyclops Full Metal Kit
  • 2in 2out Nozzle Head
  • 2in 1 out Nozzle Head
  • Heating Element
  • Temperature Sensor
  • PTFE Tube

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