EL wire 2xAA Pocket Inverter(DC 3V, 1-5M)

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A small, portable inverter for EL wire. Powers off of 2 AA batteries (not included!), it can drive 1-5 meters of our high-brightness EL wire. There is a button for selecting steady/blink/On/Off modes. There's a removable clip on the back. Comes with a 2.5mm pitch female JST connector

Note: The EL inverter requires a 'load' to stabilize itself. Do not run the inverter without at least 1 ft of EL wire attached! Otherwise, the inverter can spike and damage itself.


  • Supply Voltage: DC 3V
  • Female JST Connector size: 2.5mm
  • Applicable Operating Size: 1-220 meters


Package Includes:

1 x EL wire 2xAA Pocket Inverter(DC 3V, 1-5M)




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