Flame Sensor Module 5-Channel

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5-Channel Flame Sensor Module is a 5 channel flame detector module used to detect flame in the larger area( >120 degrees). If you need a robot that should detect any fire around, then this module will be very useful for you. It detects the fire with 5 flame sensors which are arranged at 30 degrees. 

This module outputs an analog signal, which would be more precise, and also a digital signal which would be easier to use, you can adjust the digital output sensitivity by the onboard potentiometer. The 5 LED indicators are helpful in your debugging, the high-precision resistors also make this sensor more precise than other flame sensors.

This module is sensitive to flame and radiation. It also can detect the ordinary light source in the range of a wavelength 760nm-1100 nm. lighter flame test distance of 80cm, for the greater the flame, the farther the distance test.


  • Detecting range: >120 degree
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • Onboard potentiometer and indicators
  • 1% resistors to make this module more reliable and precise
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V – 9V
  • Board Diameter: 40 mm.

Package Includes:

1 x Flame Sensor Module 5-Channel


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