Indicator LED 8mm Waterproof Yellow Light Panel Mount

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This is a LED indicator Light 8mm used to indicate the working status of the device. Unlike Normal LED these Indicator LED has wide spectrum which enable to identify the state of the device easily from Long distance. These LED's come with a metal casing as protection. Works on 6 V input.

These Indicator Light come with a choice of Red, Green,Yellow and Blue color.
Widely used in electronic Projects,CNC lathe, printing, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Advantages :

The main advantages of these Indictor LED is that they are waterproof, so they can be used is harsh Environment, They are panel Mountable and also they are visible over a long distance as they are mainly used to indicate on/off status. 


Note : Multiple LED's of different color are shown only for Illustration Purpose only. We dispatch only that particular item which is ordered. 

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