Joystick Module

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This is a high quality 2-axis analog joystick module. It comes with a plastic knob which gives an excellent feel during use.

It can be used to sense movements in 2 directions(axes). It also has a inbuilt switch which can be activated by pressing the stick.

The module brings out the odd pin spaced joystick pins to the standard and easy to use 0.1" spaced headers. The joystick has two power pins and 3 output pins. The position of the stick can be known from the voltage at the two output pins - A1(Axis 1) and A2(Axis 2). These pins output 0V and Vcc when the stick is at the two extreme positions of an axis. When the stick is at any other intermediary position, the output is between 0V and Vcc corresponding to the position of the stick. The third output pin provides a digital status of the switch(0V when pressed, Vcc when released).e, This makes it easy to interface the module to any microcontroller with ADC with only a few lines of code.

This joystick is perfect for making classy interfaces, robot remotes, airplane remotes, games, etc. It can be used with out development boards with our female to female jumper wires for connections.

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