Joystick Switch (2 Axis)

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This is a very nice, hefty 2 -way control switch, it looks a lot like a joystick but is decidedly heftier, and has built-in clamping switches rather than using
microswitches. This makes it great for really big robotics and control panels, but
it's not as light and easy to use as a plain joystick. Also, it has built-in X retaining slots so you really can only move in four directions, you can't rotate around once you've picked a direction like an arcade stick. You can easily disassemble the switch enough to panel-mount it, there are even a few gasket rings included.
This way or that way, one or the other, perhaps or perhaps not! So hard to make decisions these days without feeling like you're just going back and forth
constantly. Deciding how to use this joystick-looking rocker switch? That's the
easiest decision you'll make all day!



  • Type: Latching
  • Current: 10A
  • Long-lasting Joystick Switches

Package Includes:

1 x Joystick Switch (2 Axis)



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