MechX Metal Pulley with 50mm Diameter for 3mm Shaft for Robotics

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These hub-mountable Metal pulleys can be used to drive wheels or other pulleys with a belt.

This Metal pulley is perfect for DIY Science Projects and Experiments. It comes with a 6mm shaft/bore which makes it compatible with our wide range of DC Motors, 3mm Shafts, Couplers, Gears, etc. It has 6 holes. It can be mounted tightly onto a shaft of 6mm using the setscrew included.


Maximum belt width: 3 mm
Material: Metal
Bore: 3 mm (Comes with a setscrew to attach it firmly onto a shaft)
Outside Diameter: 50mm
Inside Grove Diameter: 42.7 mm
Compatible with our 3mm DC Motors, Shafts, Couplers, Gears, etc.


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