Push Button Switch Socket Connector(16mm)

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These are snap fitting push-button switch connector for our 16mm switches. These connectors are very easy to use and all the pins are brought out through colour coded wires for easy connection.
These are 5 wire connector sockets. These Switch connectors are purely made for flat pins type. These connectors are plug and play type, there is no need for external connections or any kind of soldering.


  • Power rating: 3A/250VAC
  • Wire Length: 15 cm
  • Size: 16mm, 5 pins
  • Switch Operation type: Latching/Momentary.

Wire Description:

  • Red - Positive
  • Black - Ground
  • Blue - Normal Closed pin (NC)
  • Green - Normal Open pin (NO)
  • Yellow - Common Pin (C)
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