Raspberry Pi Touch Screen Display 3.2" LCD TFT

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Description: 3.2 inch Resistive Touch Screen TFT LCD for Raspberry Pi is an ideal alternative solution for HDMI monitor. It supports any revision of Raspberry Pi and it can be directly plugged on to the RPi board, combined with the portable power this module is a convenient Men-Machine interface for Raspberry Pi.

Driver for the touch screen display is provided along with it so that it works with custom Raspbian directly. As it supports Raspbian system it could enable your Pi to play videos and take photos on just a touch. Additionally, it provides 17 different camera modes and support for software keyboard aiding system interaction without mouse or keyboard. The product comes in sporty outlook with high quality immersion gold surface plating.


LCD Interface: SPI
Touch Screen Type: Resistive
Touch Screen Controller: XPT2046
Colors: 65536
Backlight: LED
Resolution: 320*240 (Pixel)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Dimensions: 84.91x56.54 (MM)
Weight: 0.071 kg
Compatible with Raspberry Pi B, Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi 2 & Raspberry Pi 3

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