Raspberry Pi 4 Display HDMI 5" Capacitive LCD TFT Touch Screen 800 x 480

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The 5 Inch Touch Screen HDMI Interface TFT LCD Module is a good solution for those who are seeking for a bigger resolution display.

This TFT LCD Display for Raspberry Pi 4 has 5″ size which features 800×480 pixel resolution. Getting the Pi onto the display board is easy enough!!! make use of stand-off screws included in this pack to put the Raspberry Pi on the display board. But while you do this please ensure that the HDMI ports of both the Display and the Pi would line up with each other so that you will take advantage of HDMI connector that we are providing in this product pack.

This 5 Inch Touch Screen HDMI Interface TFT LCD Module is a mini panel-mountable HDMI monitor. Small and simple, yet you can use this display with any computer that has HDMI output, and the shape makes it easy to attach to an electronic product.

It features efficient operation by equipping Backlight Power switch with which you can control the backlight whether to be on and off to save power. It has 13×2 Pin Socket from where one can get 5V Power from raspberry Pi to LCD and at the same time, transfer touch signal back to Raspberry Pi. It also features extended interface which is the replica of 13×2 Pin Socket.


800×480 High resolution, resistive touch panel
Supports Raspberry Pi, comes with Raspbian driver (works with your Raspbian directly), and Ubuntu image
Supports Banana Pi / Banana Pro, comes with Lubuntu, Raspbian images
Supports BB Black, comes with Angstrom image
HDMI interface for displaying, USB interface for touch control
Back light control to lower power consumption
Compatible with Raspberry Pi B, Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi 2 , Raspberry Pi 3 And Raspberry Pi 4 B models.


Package Includes:
1x 5inch HDMI LCD (G)
1x HDMI cable
1x HDMI to Micro HDMI Adapter
1x RPi screws pack (4pcs)
1x Quick start CD
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