Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System DIY Kit with Peltier Module

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With the wide applications of semiconductor cooling, more and more DIY enthusiasts are interested in it.It's a question that how to make refrigerating capacity to a more great extent in water cooling applications. This DIY kit could be just the answer that your are looking for.

The DIY kit is a semiconductor cooling kit which uses a TEC1-12706 Thermoelectric Cooler 6A Peltier Module. The kit has 2 heat sinks: the bigger one is for the hotter side and the smaller one is for the cooler side. The bigger the heat sink, the greater dissipation of the heat.

The fan, also included in this kit acts as a radiator. This is attached to the bigger heat sink. The TEC1-12706 thermoelectric Peltier module is sandwiched between the two heat sinks. The module will reduce the temperature.

The kit when assembled takes up less space and is ideal for Pet Space air conditioning( dogs house, chicken, etc), small refrigerator.


Package Includes:

1 x Cooling Fan
1 x Fan Gauze
1 x Guide cold plate
1 x Radiator
1 x Thermal insulation gasket
1 x Silicon grease
1 x Pack of Screws
1 x Peltier Module TEC1 - 12706

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