Ultraviolet Flexible LED Strip 5 Meter 60 LEDs per Meter

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This Ultraviolet LED Light Strip is great for decorating a room, car, bicycle, costume, etc. UV LEDs can be used in a variety of applications - PCB fabrication, counterfeit detection of currency note, documents, in sterilization, pesticides, etc. These LEDs emit UV rays of wavelength 360-400nm approximatly. The UV rays in this wavelength do not harm the eyes, but it is always safe to use eye protection when using these LEDs.Just do not look straight into these LEDs for a very long time. This strip come in a roll of 5 meters with self adhesive tape at the back which makes it easy to mount it onto a flat surface. The strip can also be cut to any length required. It requires a 12V DC power supply to light up. Using it is easy and simple. It has 2 wires for power input, just connect the wires to 12V DC and GND to light it up. It can also be easily controlled from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, any microcontroller or a digital circuit using a relay board.

Our IP65 enclosures which offer complete protection against particles, and a good level of protection against water. Our IP65 Waterproof Enclosure offers - Features:

  • Super Bright 2835 SMD LEDs with high intensity and reliability.
  • Long life of 50,000+ hours
  • Continuous length of 5M which can be cut according to required length
  • The strip can be cut at every 3-LEDS without damaging the rest of the strip. This lets you use custom length as per your requirement
  • Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
  • Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem
  • Ultra-bright but running at low temperature
  • Low power consumption
  • Working Voltage: 12V DC
  • LED Quantity: 60leds / m
  • Luminous Flux:10-12LM
  • LED Roll Length: 5 Meter 16.4 Feet

  • Ideal for decoration of building outlines, landscape illumination, amusement themes, Holiday light sculpture, decorative figure, active signs, displays, shop windows
  • Can also be used for storefronts, bar, nightclub, street, sidewalk, deck, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, or driveway

Package Includes
    1 x 5M Roll Flexible LED Strip Ultraviolet Color

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