Universal IC Adapter Socket LQFP TQFP QFP32 to DIP28 Socket

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Having problem programming Atmega8, Atmega168, Atmega328 SMD IC's? Well use this TQFP 32, LQFP 32 and QFP 32 to DIP 28 adapter socket for easy programming.This is basically a breakout connector for SMD Atmega328 IC. You can use this adapter to load Arduino BootLoader or even your code directly into the IC even before soldering it.

Using this programming adapter you can easily load code into 32 pin SMD AVR micro-controller using a normal programmer. It also supports ATMEL AT90S2333, AT90LS2333, AT90S4433, AT90LS4433, ATMEGA8, Atmega168 IC.

This board is perfect if you want to load Arduino BootLoader into SMD Atmega8, Atmega168 or Atmega328 IC,

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