USB GPS Module

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A USB GPS Module built using the MT3329 chipset from MediaTek Inc. This GPS module comes with a patch antenna and has good sensitivity wand tracking capability.It can track 66 channels. It outputs data in standard NMEA format at an update rate of 1 second at 9600 bps. The module comes with USB and Serial TTL Interface.

When connected through USB, the module creates a Virtual COM port on the computer and outputs data to the port. Most porgramming languages allow users to write programs that access the COM port and users may easily write custom software that use and process this data. The module also supports serial interface through the header pins. You can easily power the board at 3V3-5V and get the current location data though the TX line. The module also has an onboard SMA Connector which can be used to connect an external 3V antenna for better reception. The module automatically detects an external antenna and uses it with no user intervention required.


  • Powered by USB or an external 3V3 - 5V power supply
  • Uses the popular MTK MT3329 Chipset
  • Outputs data in standard NMEA-0183 @ 9600bps at update rate of 1 second.
  • Onboard patch antenna for good reception, external antenna can be connected for better reception
  • Tracking Sensitivity of On-module antenna : -165 dBm
  • Position Accuracy : 3 m
  • Hot start: < 1 seconds average
  • Warm start: < 34 seconds average
  • Cold start: < 35 seconds average

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